Alejandro García, Drimpak CEO

“We knew Kolokio before, both because of our membership in Aspack and previous collaborations. These experiences gave us all the peace of mind when it came to organizing and developing important milestones for a company such as the definition of its Strategic Plan, the communications and the organization of fairs participaton. In this sense, Kolokio has met our spectations and therefore we are willing to continue delegating future projects to them”.


Nerea Lerchundi, Communication Manager of Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias

“The consulting work carried out by Kolokio for Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias in Spain has been very positive for the people who participated in the training. It has allowed us to analyze and reflect on how to sell the Organization, something that until that moment we had not structured. From the first moment they have been well aware of the advantages we have, but also of what we lacked to carry out”.


Nekane Arostegui, Responsible for the Bilbao City Council in promoting the city’s trade

“The valuation of the work that Kolokio carried out with the merchants’ associations in Bilbao was so positive. It meant raising awareness for these associations to become more aware of the importance of incorporating higher levels of professionalism in the management of boards of directors of associations”.


José Ramón Benito, Grupo Docuworld President

“Kolokio is an organization with the capacity to take advantage of the knowledge of the people who work in the company and to make the most of them, with skills in teamwork dynamics and with a high added value in his contribution as advisors in solving management problems”.