Success Instances

Success stories



Kolokio has been Drimpak’s main communication support since its inception as a new business project. The objective in the beginning was to achieve an image of renewal but maintaining at the same time the baggage of more than 50 years of experience in the packaging sector.

Kolokio’s design and creativity departments carried out the company’s new name and corporate image proposal. In addition, a Strategic Plan which included the creation and development of a Communication Plan and the management of Drimpak’s participation in the most important fairs in the packaging sector was implemented.



The Docuworld Group is a group of companies specialized in services and graphic products that offers packaging and product image services, document management and image, authentication and identification, as well as graphic documentation services.

For months, Kolokio’s strategic planning managers were soaked up by the operation of each of the companies and the group to design a Strategic Plan capable of redefining the lines of action of Docuworld within an industry that demands innovative solutions. For this, a sectoral study of the graphic arts was carried out, a benchmarking centered on labels and packaging, an exhaustive financial analysis and, finally, a Strategic Plan in which the mission, vision and values of the group were defined, as well as Strategic lines, objectives and an action plan.


Instances of success of associations



The Iberian Association of Label Manufacturers in Continuous, AIFEC, needed to optimize its resources and promote a future project to dynamize and professionalize the sector. In this case, Kolokio International has involved the members of the organization in a process of strategic reflection and coaching to work in depth with the team.

Through these axes, Kolokio has guided AIFEC in the redefinition of its mission, vision and values, as well as in strategy, objectives and actions. During the development of the strategic reflection, the value proposition has been defined and the perception of the associates and collaborating partners has been known. The activities and services of the association have also been analyzed to assess their internal consistency, their external projection and their future viability.

In addition, within the Strategic Plan, a communication audit has been carried out, from which a Communication Plan has been created and developed, including the start-up and maintenance of new tools such as the website, an online newslpaper or social networks.


Cooperativas agroalimentarias

Cooperativas Agroalimentarias wanted to create a Sponsorship Program managed and marketed from a Technical Sponsorship Office (OTP). In this occasion, Kolokio International was responsible for the management and planning of sponsorship activities and the creation of marketing tools.

On this basis, the commercial work was carried out in three phases: preparation, development of the activity and monitoring of the sponsorships.


Asociación de Ingenieros de ICAI

The Association of Engineers of ICAI wanted to renew its communication tools and put in place a more active plan that will help strengthen the link with its members and increase the recruitment and loyalty of members.

As a preliminary step, Kolokio International undertook a Communication Audit to learn the starting point. From this, a Communication and Marketing Plan was implemented, which included an analysis and renewal of the loyalty strategy of the partners, as well as the implementation of a technological change in the communication tools according to the needs of the Partners.


Asociación Nacional de Industriales de Plásticos

Kolokio International is ANAIP’s main support in the development of Anaip 3.0, a plan launched in the end of 2015 in order to modernize the association, adapt it to new communication technologies and thus increase its influence capacity. Anaip 3.0 includes the update with information content in its new website, a newsletter that is sent monthly, as well as the start-up and maintenance of social networks.


Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Envases, Embalajes y Transformados de Cartón, ASPACK

Kolokio International is responsible for the management of ASPACK, of which Pablo Serrano is general secretary, moderating the working groups, Boards and Assemblies and being its representative in national and international entities.

In 2016, a new Strategic Plan was developed and launched, and its lines of action and objectives are still being developed. This plan includes a new Communication Strategy in which new tools are framed to be closer to partners and collaborating partners.

In addition, Kolokio is responsible for the organization of ASPACK activities and events. Among them, the largest gathering of packaging manufacturers and their suppliers, the biennial congress, for which Kolokio chooses the spaces, creates the program, contacts the speakers and manages the attendance of the congressmen. Likewise, a communication strategy is carried out from the communication department before, during and after the event.


Asociación Española de Empresas de Serigrafía e Impresión Digital, FESPA España.

Kolokio International is in charge of the integral management of FESPA Spain Association, of which Pablo Serrano is general secretary.

From the department of management of associations the daily work of FESPA España Association is carried out, the requests of the associates are processed and their needs are taken care of.

In addition, Kolokio International is responsible for the international representation and organization of the activities and events of FESPA Spain Association, such as the Congress that annually brings together printers and service providers and in which the Ramón Sayans awards to the best Spanish works of visual communication printing are delivered.


Asociación Técnica Española de Climatización y Refrigeración

With the aim of building the Atecyr of the future, the association set itself the goal of improving its services, strengthening the relationship with its associates and enhancing its image. To achieve these goals they asked Kolokio International for a Strategic Plan that will help them focus their efforts in the right direction and involving the whole organization.

After an intensive internal and external analysis to find out about the idiosyncrasy of the association and the sector in which it operates, Kolokio International developed a realistic Strategic Plan that includes previously set objectives, others that emerged throughout the process and, especially, the strategic lines aimed to achieving them. Among them, the need to develop a Communication Plan to improve the image and positioning of the association and the definition of a value proposition that meets all expectations.


International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostais, ISTH

Kolokio International has assisted ISTH in the development and implementation of a Strategic Plan aimed to determine and prioritize the activities of the association that follow a line of sustainable growth, develop the management tasks and determine the resources to execute them within the Strategic Plan. Likewise, Kolokio valued and recommended the most effective management to ensure the future success of the association.

Federación de Cooperativas Agroalimentarias de Euskadi asked Kolokio to elaborate and implement a Strategic Plan whose main objective was to take into account the perceptions of all the people involved in the organization and get better adapted to the reality of their environment.

To achieve this, Kolokio International undertook internal and external analysis, consultations and surveys both to associates and non-associates and, finally, to contrast all this information. The result of this research was a new definition of value proposal and the implementation of a Strategic Plan that has fostered teamwork, established a realistic and achievable future plan and improved communication both internal and external, As well as the involvement of all people related to


European Society for Sport Traumatology, ESKKA

Kolokio International assisted the European Society for Sport Traumatology in the creation and implementation of a Strategic Plan with which they wanted to value the activities of the association and to prioritize those with more acceptance among its members and to achieve a greater bond with them, to improve the provision of services and optimize their resources.

After a research work to know the internal and external environment of the association, Kolokio International elaborated a Strategic Plan adapted to the real environment of ESKKA that included the lines to follow to reach the proposed objectives.


Event Organizational Success Instances


Salón C!print Madrid

C! Print is a fair dedicated to visual communication, printing on all types of media and marketing. C! Print started in 2013 in Lyon (France) and, after its initial success, the French organizing company, 656 Group, decided to bring the show to Spain.

Since the first Spanish edition in 2014, Kolokio International has been the partner in Spain of 656 Group, supporting the French group in its arrival in Spain and later, assuming tasks such as the management of visitors and the selection and training of support staff .


Asamblea General de FESPA Internacional.

Kolokio International organized the General Assembly of FESPA International, held from 3 to 6 September 2015, which brought together more than 70 delegates from 34 screen and print associations around the world in Madrid.

The events department of Kolokio organized both the professional program of the meeting, centered in the General Assembly, as well as the social one, that included sightseeing by Madrid and Toledo.


Unión Europea de Industrias de Lubricantes, UEIL

Kolokio International organized the European Congress of the European Union of Lubricants Industries. The event took place in Madrid in 2014 and brought together 300 people. Our event organization department was in charge of supporting the organization in the whole process, from the location of spaces to the elaboration of an attractive social program that complemented the professional one.